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posted November 11, 2006


On November 14, there will be the first-ever “everyone-at-the-table” rink staff meeting, including everyone who helps run Dufferin Rink – from the new City rinks manager, to the technical services manager (rink machinery), to the permits manager, to the supervisors, to the on-site rink staff. Policy as well as practice will be discussed.

This meeting is a follow-up to last February’s rink troubles, which raised the question: should the city’s outdoor compressor-run ice rinks be run by boards of management, like the arenas? It turns out that the board of management structure would probably add new problems, and not help much. But: finally getting everyone talking together, about how to make a fresh start, should help a lot. Rink friends have been asking city staff to talk to each other more for years, but there were too many blocks. It took last season’s crisis to bring the issue to everyone’s attention.

Councillor Giambrone gave his word at that February meeting that rink funding and park funding would not be cut, and he kept his word. Now he’s taken the next step and set up this long-hoped-for staff meeting, which he’ll chair himself. Hopefully this will be the start of a long and happy connection between front-line and management rink staff, resulting in a lovely rink.

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