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posted November 11, 2006


- Dufferin Rink opens on Dec.2. The first Friday Night Supper in the rink house is the night before, on Dec.1 [ed. changed to December 8], to give the traditional “sneak peek” and heighten the anticipation (and to give updates on this year’s rink arrangements).

The details for Dufferin Rink and all other downtown rinks are posted on the web site: hours, shinny times, phone numbers, maps, photos, rink highlights. They’re also posted on the rink house doors.

Schedule this year: mostly the same as other years, with a few changes:

  • a new “beginners only” drop-in shinny time Wednesdays 10 p.m. to 11 pm. (free) Read more>>>
  • single permits available on Saturdays (9 pm) and Sundays (9.30 pm), $70 , half-price for youth (youth are no longer free -- new City policy!?!)
  • Sunday evening family-shinny time (registration needed, but free) is 5 - 6.30pm. This is a volunteer run, communit program: To register send mail to
  • Skating lessons a little different: call 392-0913 or e-mail Check the schedule here.

See you at the rink!

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