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posted November 11, 2006


Some friends of Dufferin Grove Park have been invited to be on a panel for the Hart House (University of Toronto) public discussion series: Conversations on Urban Design. Wednesday, November 22, 7:00 pm in the East Common Room at Hart House.

Three people who have influenced Dufferin Grove Park and three people now working on the outdoor spaces of Lawrence Heights Community Housing (120 acres!) will talk on a panel and with the audience about “Revitalizing your community.” From Dufferin Grove Park, it’s Georgie Donais (cob building and bio-toilet), Jutta Mason (newsletter), and Gene Threndyle (park native species gardens). We get to tell stories for twenty minutes, then the three Lawrence Heights panelists will tell stories, then everyone can contribute or ask questions. These Hart House sessions are open to the public and admission is free. Organizer Gail Skikevitch would like it if park friends from other parts of the city came too and there was a real swapping of experiences about what works well in Toronto’s outdoor public space. Park cooks will bring bread and butter, to ground the discussion.

This event fits in with the recent efforts of CELOS researchers to find park friends who are trying to enliven their local parks elsewhere in the city. CELOS is the “CEntre for LOcal research into public Space,” born at Dufferin Grove Park and moving outward from there. CELOS researchers want friends of parks to “steal” each other’s ideas, and this panel fits right in. If you can’t get down there, they also have a live webcast of the session:

But being there in person will be more fun.

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