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posted October 18, 2006

YIMBY (yes in my back yard), OR WHY YES? Saturday Oct.28 11am to 5 pm.
Gladstone Hotel, 2nd floor, everyone welcome, free admission.

A one-day gathering of Neighbourhood Groups and Citizens Organizations from across the GTA. [see gladstone hotel web page]

From organizer Magda Olszanowski:

Magda Olszanowski

“As Toronto continues to densify and our neighbourhoods get larger and more complex, how does the citizen express hope, dreams and new ideas for the city? Through the neighbourhood group!!! The focus of this festival is on positive change. The upcoming election brings galvanized energy and ideas to municipal politics. As much as neighbourhoods get unfairly labeled as NIMBY, we know YIMBYs to be the instruments of some of the best urban policy and ideas.

On the “Eve” of the municipal election, 30 associations are setting up shop at the Gladstone Hotel in order to share strategies, network, educate “hope-to-be” Councilors and MPPs and talk to YOU about the issues that concern all of us across the GTA.”

  • Can anyone come to the event? Yes the event is family-friendly and open to all who want to learn more about these associations (or even start their own!!!!)
  • How can my neighbourhood group sign up? Registration is still open on Saturday morning from 10am-11am, please e-mail and let us know you will be attending. Neighbourhood Groups pay $25+tax to have a table and display your group's issues and strategies.

This is who’s coming:

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