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posted March 18, 2005

A Note from Caitlin Shea About the Friday Night Supper, March 18, 2005

Hello to everyone on this beautiful day!

It's the last Friday Night Supper of the season! Tonight Friday March 18th from 6 until 8 in the rinkhouse.

There are rumours of cassoulet and gnocchi!

Despite the smell of spring in the air there's still plenty of snow and ice on the ground and yet gardeners everywhere are starting to dream of and plan for the upcoming season. Last weekend the dedicated Dufferin Grove Gardening Party seeded their tomatoes and hot peppers. The week before they made an intrepid trek to the hardware store to invest in a new sprinkler and a plastic covered shelving unit to house the dreamed of seedlings. This week thanks to the park staff the Gardener Party is getting a fundraising night of their very own! (The food grown goes primarily to Friday Night Supper dishes, Pizza Day toppings and Food Cart offerings.) We'll be showing some good old 16mm films on the Wonderful Potato and the Urban Garden. Hope to see you there!

Caitlin Shea

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