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"Better-late-than-never" St.Valentine's Supper: Friday Feb 25 from 6 to 7.30, 2005

posted February 24, 2005

Friday Night "better-late-than-never St.Valentine's Supper": from 6 to 7.30. Park friends Anne Ruetz and John Dent thought it would be very nice to have a "we love the park" community supper on Valentine's Day -- but that was the day the rink had to close because of heavy rains. So Ann and John postponed it to this week. From their e-mail:

"Please join us and other rink friends for a better-late-than-never-Valentine's Friday Night Supper at the park this Friday (Feb.25) from 6 to 8 instead. The park staff are very eager to cook the main meal, so the potluck part is just: bring a dessert of some kind. The main courses will be priced in the usual way.The long tables will be set up and we'll have the two park videos both ready to play in the video room (a.k.a. zamboni garage). That's the Big Backyard video (the Dufferin Grove Park playground scene in 1995) and the zamboni video."

And Georgie Donais will set up a corner table display showing how the playground's new wall/bench/kitchen-sinks area will be built, as a cob/ straw bale structure. Georgie sees this as a group building project, for late spring, that will even involve the kids, in making the clay-and-straw walls. A very fine gift to the park!

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