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Friday Night Suppers

posted May 9, 2005

Friday Night Suppers begin again on June 10, and continue every Friday night all summer long and into September except if the weather is bad.

Every Friday from 6 to 7:30p.m., at the bake oven. No need to make a reservation: there's lots of food. A community dinner cooked in the park bake ovens with farmers' market produce. $6 for the main plate unless you bring your own dishes ($1 off). The main plate is always a choice of meat or (usually) vegan. There's always park bread, a salad, soup, and dessert (they cost extra but it's hard to spend much more than $10 per meal). If it's raining hard, no supper (call 416-392-0913 if you're not sure). If it's a cool night, there's a campfire to linger at with your friends.

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