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posted March 10, 2005

Gene Threndyle sends his thanks

Oven site -- temporary oven just visible at the left.

A great big thank you to everyone who came and had supper and especially everyone at the park who helped with and made the supper. The profits from that which go to the building of our future bake oven here at 900 Queen Street West totalled $430. Our goal of $1500 which Artscape has said they will match has now quite nicely been reached and I am hoping that we will begin construction in April.

This year our live/work artists' studio building celebrates it's 10 anniversary. Many of the tenants have been here that long and longer than any of the employees of Artscape. They have contributed enorously to the garden at Queen and Crawford. Our garden is partly public and has hosted some damn good community parties. These are only going to get better and having a bake oven will make that a certaintity.

Again, on behalf of the tenants' association of 900 Queen Street West thank-you very much.

Gene Threndyle

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