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posted March 3, 2005

Three Special Friday Night Suppers in March, 2005

Regular prices and format. No reservations necessary.
Friday March 4: A special Artists'-bake-oven/Gene Threndyle Friday Night Supper
Gene Threndyle

Friday March 4, 6 to 8.30 p.m.: a special artists'-bake-oven Friday Night Supper, with all funds going to the new bake oven at the Artscape artists' co-op at Queen and Crawford. This supper is in honour of Gene Threndyle, who will build the Artscape oven, and who is also one of our park's best friends. Almost every native species garden in our park had Gene's help to get started and keep growing. Gene made the fountain/wetland in the old Garrison Creek river bed beside Dufferin Street. He's a visual artist whose medium is nature: plants and rocks and water. The park cooks are glad to get the chance to cook a fine meal that will honour Gene and also help buy the materials for yet another communal bake oven. The regular prices and format of Friday Night Supper apply (no reservations necessary).

Friday March 11: A special Playground/Cob Structure Friday Night Supper

Friday March 11, 6 to 8p.m.: a special playground Friday Night Supper with all funds going to buy materials for the traditional cob/straw bale structure that Georgie Donais wants to build (communally) at the playground this spring and summer. Georgie will bring a DVD to show the fun that people had building such a structure together in Madison Wisconsin. This supper will also be a chance for people with kids to find out more about the city's playground problems, and to get a list of playground friends started. (No speeches, just good bulletin boards.)The <strong>regular prices and format</strong> of Friday Night Supper apply, and no reservations are necessary.

Friday March 18: A special Gardening Friday Night Supper

Friday March 18, 6 to 8 p.m.: a special gardening Friday Night Supper with all funds going to buy seeds and plants and garden tools for the park gardens. This supper is in honour of our gardeners - Caitlin Shea, Reema Tarzi, Gene Threndyle, Annick Mitchell and Jake Mitchell, Klaudia Meier, Jeremy and Catherine. (And Arie Kamp if we can find him - he has no phone.) It's also in memory of Ben Figuereido, whose leap off his balcony in December leaves us with only his beautiful grape vines on the chain link fence beside the little oven, to remember him by.

There will be garden films: Isaac Meyer is lending the park his 16mm film projector so we can run the garden films we inherited when the Public Library closed down its film department. A 20-minute NFB film of a backyard garden in Halifax is a particular gem. The films will run continuously in the zamboni-garage "movie theatre." The regular prices and format of Friday Night Supper apply, and no reservations are necessary.

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