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posted May 24 2006, modified July 01, 2007

Over the years, the park staff have worked out some local rules together with park friends that seem to fit the park better than the municipal code’s “thou shalt nots,” above. These rules aren’t ironclad, but they seem to work pretty well for now (for more details call the park staff at 416 392-0913):

  1. Ordinary picnics don’t need permits. Picnic tables can be moved from one picnic spot to another but it’s nice for picnickers to move them back if they’re normally used for a program (e.g. pizza days or Friday Night Suppers). Larger local picnic groups under 25 people: if you’re inviting all your aunts and uncles and cousins too, you still don’t need a permit, but please call the park staff when you’re making plans, at 416 392-0913, so they can help you figure out the best location (one that doesn’t put you on top of another group). The park staff can also lend you a dolly for moving a few more picnic tables and an extra trash can to your picnic spot. Just put them back after.
  2. Permits for groups of over 25 people, centrally booked for $71.22, have their designated base location: the south grove under the big old silver maples, where the permit sign is. Those groups can also borrow the staff dolly to carry over extra picnic tables from elsewhere in the park if they need them. The City charges $50 for each extra trash receptacle. If your group would rather spend that money for the picnic food, the staff can show you where the park’s extra plastic trash bins are kept, which you can borrow for free.

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