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Permit Requests 2006

Permit Requests

posted May 12, 2006

This is a database of requests starting in April 2006 to make it easier for park staff, Parks, Forestry and Recreation personnel, and neighbours, to track permit issues at the park.

To post additional details about any of these park maintenance items, or to add new ones, email:

Open Requests

Clay and Paper Theatre events request date: March April 22, 2006

May Day Celebration request date: May 31, 2006

Norway Constitution Day request date: April 10 2006

8000 Sacred Drums request date: March 25 2006

Closed Requests

Matzo Bake request date: March 25 2006 Resolved: May 12 2006

The Open Permit Requests

Here's a "printout" of the open requests, for convenience:

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