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posted June 2001

Rain shelter danger averted

The seats in the rain shelter (by the playground) were made to be storage boxes, by request of the community planning meeting. Unfortunately, the tops of the boxes were built with very heavy lumber, and with slits between the boards, so the rain could get in. When the lids were opened, nothing held them and they fell back with such force on their hinges that the boxes ripped themselves apart. But the most serious problem was that if the lids had come down on anyone's hand as they tried to use the storage, their hand would have been terribly hurt. After a spring meeting with the planning department staff (who approved this design), there was no solution. But the city carpenters have come to our rescue. They have installed lighter plywood tops, held with a chain, and the storage benches are now ready to be used. One of the benches contains an electrical outlet: if your group needs to plug in a coffee maker for your picnic, or if you want to store some cooking equipment ahead of time when you plan a campfire gathering, you can borrow a key to the boxes from the staff at 392-0913. The fee for these rain shelter amenities is $10 (but if it starts to rain you have to let other people share the shelter until the rain stops).

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