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posted October 15, 2001

The Rain Shelter

Rain shelter birthday party

Just before the last municipal election, Councillor Mario Silva offered some playground improvements to the park, and the rain shelter was part of the package. Now, just before the next election, it's almost ready. The pagoda-like structure is more gorgeous than the playground meeting requested, and it fits into the park very well. The electrical line is the last thing to go in (the original playground meeting had asked for an electrical outlet for the playground area). The parks department had to send their "trencher" machine to dig a trench all the way over to the electrical box by the marsh fountain. That's because the only other electrical lines in the playground area are the lines for the "morality lights," and they're on a light sensor and therefore unsuitable for connecting an electrical outlet.

Any family or group that wants to use the rain shelter's electrical outlet for a picnic (for example, for your coffee maker) please contact Lily Weston (392-0913)for a key.

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