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posted May 2003

Arsenic re-testing

Read Veronica's report >>

Veronica Pochmursky has played shinny hockey at Dufferin rink for three years. She's also an environmental worker, and she's done some research for us, on arsenic and kids. She wrote up her findings and e-mailed them, with this note: "Please bear in mind when posting this article, I am not a professional toxicologist. I did run my calculations past my cousin, who does work professionally as a toxicologist, so I'm pretty comfortable with what I've presented. But, my last paragraph says it all. Risk is a very personal thing and what is acceptable to one person may be totally unacceptable to another. Parents should inform themselves and make up their own minds. Personally, I think there are more pressing issues (smoking and too many cars) to fight, so I'm not taking up the playground structure fight." Read more >>

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