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posted August 11, 2004

The Big Back Yard

Summer kids clubs schedule

Last year we had some week-long summer camps. This year we want to try something different, more spontaneous, more like the fun part of the lazy days of summer. Every weekday one or two of the park staff, or special park friends, will run a club beside the wading pool, open to anyone and free, which will offer something interesting and fun to do. Here is the list:

Tuesday 10:00-12.30: Breakfast club fire cooking, with Anna

The wading pool is open daily, 11:30am - 5:00pm.

Sand pit play area: tap and shovels for building/ engineering rivers etc. are out all the time. Please turn off the tap if you're the last one to leave. (And thanks - to the anonymous donour of all the toy trucks that just appeared this summer.)

Anyone who is in the mood can come as often as they want. Please note this is not a custodial program - parents or caregivers must be in the park, available to their kids. But the adults should bring a good book, because the kids may be off having fun for quite a while.

Parents, if you can't be there and want to arrange for a babysitter to be responsible for your children during that time, we can help you arrange that with a little list of really good caregivers who are available in the park, for $8 per child or $12 for two children. (Some trades are available if you can't afford the rates - e.g. we'll trade you the babysitting if you fix something that's broken in the park, weed a garden, etc.). Talk to the park staff for more information, or call the park at 416 392-0913.


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