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First Summer Pool Play

posted May 25, 2007

From Park Staff Member Mayssan Shuja, to the dufferingrovefriends mail list, May 24, 2007:

Normally Dufferin Park's early opening procedure has been to open the wading pool during extreme heat waves, i.e., when the temperature is going to remain over 28 degrees for a few days. Recently park staff met with the new aquatics branch, supervisor and his staff, to discuss this. It was agreed that Dufferin would follow this procedure this year as well. Wading pool training was booked for staff this week, anticipating the heat. Scheduling fell through and we're trying again for next week. I've been checking the forecasts and although it does say that it will go up to 30 degrees today, the forecast says that its not expected to last through out the week. So probably, we'll have the sprinkler going today and tomorrow and there will be a staff person in that area monitoring the temperatures. Thankfully we have lots of tree shade around the playground so we should be able to stay cool. Our email address for staff at the park is See you at the park!

Mayssan Shuja
Dufferin Park Staff
Emergency number: 416-896-8942

From Lea Ambros, May 25, 2007:

We turned the sprinkler on yesterday and attracted many children. If all goes according to plan we will be able to open the full wading pool on extreme heat days starting next wednesday. (The staff have to get recertified.) Here are a couple of pictures:


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