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posted April 9, 2005

What can be done about high school students in the playground at lunchtime?

A friend of the playground sent in a question: what can be done about high school students in the playground at lunchtime? (Associated problems: bad language, too big on equipment, fights, marijuana, sex, just too many and too big, etc.)

The fact is, there is a by-law: playgrounds are reserved for children 12 and under and their caregivers.

Every year in spring we ask the principal at St.Mary's to make an announcement reminding the students of this (they can go anywhere else in this beautiful 14-acre park). One of the St.Mary's teachers told me yesterday the playground rule had been announced on the p.a..

Now for the follow up. Please pass it on to other parents -- the playground is off limits for high school students on their lunch hour. If any students still come to the playground, caregivers can ask them kindly to leave (remember, some of the teenagers haven't figured out yet that they're not little any more -- it's a shock).

If they don't leave, or they're rude, the phone number to call (if the parents/ caregivers have a have cell phone) is 416 393-5528, press "0" and explain the problem. The school has been very good about sending a teacher out to follow up, whenever anyone asks for assistance.

Our staffing budget is very limited at this time of year but the staff will come in at 11.30 weekdays for a couple of weeks and go down to the playground and reinforce the rules. Please e-mail the park at if there's still a problem (or call and leave a message -- 416 392-0913.)

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