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posted posted May 1, 2004

Sandpit Rules

The playground is divided into three sections: the little-kid area with swings etc., the wading pool, and the adventure playground area with the sandpit, tipi poles, cooking fire section, water, shovels, play boat, play kitchen, etc. All sections are open to everyone all the time. However, the sand pit is an area set up for older children - if your child is quite small but wants to play there, stay nearby and take them out of harm's way if necessary.

The shovels in the sand pit are paid for with money made at the pizza oven - we can't afford to have them stolen so please stop anyone you see wandering off with a shovel. We leave them out until evening on purpose because that's when more parents have time to come to the playground with their kids. Same with the hose and the portable water tap that feeds the sand pit "rivers."

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