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Wading Pool Reconstruction Information

posted August 28, 2007

Please send your opinion to Councillor Giambrone:

There is a proposal by the City's Parks Forestry and Recreation department to do a reconstruction of the wading pool in September 2007. It will cost about $250,000 and was set to go to tender despite the budget crisis. But then it emerged that the shade trees at the wading pool and playground may be damaged if the current wading pool surface is torn up. The concrete pad and the trees were put in at the same time (50 years ago) and they may have established a little eco-system together. If the very solid concrete is removed, some of the trees may die too. No one can know until it's tried. Should the project be postponed until the wading pool cement shows signs of deterioration? Or will Dufferin Grove lose its place in the capital projects line if the work is not done right now?

Here are the documents related to this project:

Other information:

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