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How to join the Dufferin Grove playground club


1. Give your first and last name and the names of those of your children who would like their own membership card.

2. Tell us a few possible times when we can meet you at the playground.

3. We'll settle on a time when one of us passes by to bring your membership cards and you bring your $5.

4. We'll post events and issues and people's ideas on the playground club page, including what YOU send us.

The club is for these purposes: - helping to fund the shovels/pails with your $5 - keeping informed of any problems that you can give the city staff feedback on - sharing your thoughts on how to keep what's good and maybe try some new things. No meetings -- just ad hoc conversations at the playground.

Playgrounds like this don't create themselves, and they can easily shrivel up, so every friend-of-the-playground is a help.

The membership cards are just for fun, as are a lot of the elements of the playground.


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