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2009 gallery

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The sandpit needs twice-yearly grooming with a loader -- this is what it looks like when the maintenance is lacking, May 31, 2009.

1.Outside the sandpit there are lots of big logs jammed together -- they were put there by the machines that were used to redo the wading pool in Fall 2008, and then never moved back.

2.The inside of the sandpit has deep craters and logs at odd angles.

3.The benches to the north pf the sandpit have rotting logs behind them, useless by now for sitting down -- they need to be removed.

4.Another photo of the cluttered area to the south of the sandpit. Some of those logs need to be removed and some need to be relocated as part of the sandpit border.

5.Logs that need relocating.

6.The kids have dug a long, deep trench for the water to run out of this cluttered area. That trench needs filling in.

Park friends asked that the sandpit be groomed, but only after a meeting with rec staff to make sure that there was a plan for doing it well. However, an on-site plan seemed to be impossible. Instead, the parks supervisor sent word that a backhoe would be arriving at 8.30 a.m. on Friday June 5, and would set to work. If rec staff or park users wanted any influence in what the backhoe did, they would have to show up then.

At 7.30 the backhoe and driver came, and a park user and also a rec staff were on hand. The foreman came at 8.15, and then the work began: clearing rotting logs and moving good ones, filling in the ditch dug by the kids, leveling out the sand and returning some of it to the sandpit. The Parks crew were unaware that so many rotting logs needed to be removed from the park, but they were able to commandeer a truck and remove most of them.













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