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Stroller Fitness

posted June 1, 2004

In the summer and fall of 2001, Skylar Hill-Jackson used to walk around the park once a week with a group of new mother, as a kind of personal (group) trainer, doing what she calls "a 90-minute fitness workout with stretch and strength, muscular endurance, aerobics and walk/jog options, ending with a discussion on various parenting topics." She says, "Judging by the crop of new babies at the Thursday Farmer's Market it might be time to offer strollerfit at Dufferin Grove again." And indeed, it would be hard not to notice the population explosion in the neighbourhood lately.

The last time, in 2001, Skylar held her class on Tuesdays, and you could see that lively group walking around the whole circumference of the park, pushing their strollers, exercising and looking like they were having fun. Skylar always ended the class at the pizza oven. Exercising makes you hungry. And then on one awful Tuesday in September, the bakers inside the rink house had to come out and tell the group what they had just heard on the radio: that the first World Trade Tower in New York had collapsed. The exercise group stood in the park, along with other little groups from the high school and people coming back from the mall: trying to grasp it (and then hearing that the second tower had collapsed too). It seemed as though ordinary life was ending.

And yet - here we are in another spring three years later, with a new crop of babies and the park still just as beautiful a place to walk around with friends. To register for Skylar's class, call 416 534-0837.