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May 17 2023: Letter to park friends: help get the fun stuff in the park going again

Dear park friends (long-time or new),

At two points after the add-on fun stuff began at Dufferin Grove Park in 1993, there were small local fund-raising campaigns. The first was to cover the theft of the rinkhouse snack bar money pouch, the second was to cover a budget shortfall when the city's DG budget was too small to keep the wading pool open one August. Here is the third - a two-week May fundraiser campaign, ending May 31.

What your donations are needed for:

- to restore the adventure playground elements (helpers to keep in stock a good supply of building materials and "loose parts" for kids to work/play with; helpers to make the scene fun and safe)

- to make small fixes and do maintenance of the cob outdoor kitchen, so that this 2005 outdoor kitchen -- community-built with significant park staff tech help -- can work really well

- to help restore the food elements (oven use, campfire cooking, Friday Night Supper) that bring people together

- to support the community gardens (including the new seniors' garden) when extra help is needed

- to finance the production and distribution of our in-the-hand booklet of "how to make the outdoor rinks work really well" -- just revised and ready to print (link to the virtual version is here)

If you feel you can donate some money, you can e-transfer it through -- the security question is what park? and the answer is duffgrove  -- or send a cheque made out to CELOS, to 242 Havelock St. Toronto M6H 3B9. CELOS is a charitable organization and we will issue tax receipts for any amount of $25 and up (let me know if you want a receipt).

If money is short but you want to help, there are two other ways:

- bring any un-needed construction materials (no treated wood, no nails -- note that tipi poles or bridge-building materials are extra welcome) to the sandpit

- get involved in any of the above activities or start your own -- i.e.   donate your work

Additional details:

- To read the back story prompting this request (new parks-and-rec rules, new policies) the link is here.

- How you got on this list: because sometime during the last 25 years years we met at the park, either a few times or many times.

- celos book-keeping is public. For this fund, ongoing income and expenses will be listed on this page.

Let's see what happens.


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