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posted July 18, 2007

The Role of the Park

Serve the People

Dufferin Grove Park is in the heart of the census area called Dufferin Grove, roughly bounded by Bloor Street on the north, College Street on the south, the tracks west of Lansdowne Avenue, and Dovercourt Road on the east (you can see the park centre right of the diagram to the right -- the other park is Macgregor Park on Lansdowne).

So you could say one role of the park is to serve its neighbourhood. Of course people come to the park from farther afield, so the service area is undoubtedly larger.

Within the census area, from 2001 statistics, there are about 12.5 thousand people in this area: 10% seniors, 61% working age, 15% children 0-14, and 14% youth 15-24.

Almost one quarter speak a language other than English or French at home (mostly Portuguese). 60% of households are family households; 40% are not. Almost two thirds of households are rented; one third are owned. 20% of families and 40% of individuals are low income. About a quarter of households make over $70,000.

For details see the neighbourhood profile on the city website. The ward profile is also available.

Contribute to the Goals of Parks, Forestry, and Recreation

Parks Forestry and Recreation has published council-approved goals. So another role of the park is to contribute to those goals. Here's a summary:

Parks Forestry and Recreation is currently working on a Parks Renaissance Strategy. The summary is contained in a discussion document.

In the discussion document, a number of Parks and Rec goals are listed:

From Our Common Grounds: Environmental Stewardship, Child and Youth Development, Lifelong Active Living. In slightly more detail:

  • Creating public gathering places
  • Infrastructure renewal
  • Environmental/ecological education
  • Support for youth
  • Creating a high quality of life
  • Promotion of support and recreation
  • Supporting tourism and economic development
  • City building and neighbourhood development
  • Creating a clean and beautiful city
  • Environmental/ecological sustainability
  • Promotion of health and healthy living
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Celebrating our heritage (natural and cultural)

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