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About friends of Dufferin Grove Park

posted April 12, 2005

How To Become A Park Friend

posted January 31, 2005, updated October 17, 2005

How The Park Works

posted March 15, 2004

Friends Of Dufferin Grove Park

Whose Park Is It Anyway?

A Student Asks About The Portuguese


posted April 8, 2006

Multiplying Managers

posted April 8, 2006

Different Template For Public Space

posted February, 2006

Rinks Management Board Proposal

posted November 8, 2005

The Future Of The Park - a meeting called by Parks & Rec.

Some History and Perspectives

posted March 15, 2004

Thumbnail History

posted February 13, 2006

Bietenholz Rink Painting

Some Pictures

Old Snapshots

Some of the People

posted April 12, 2005

First Park Friends Supper

posted July 7, 2005

Staffing The Park

updated April 8, 2006

Park Staff Spring 2006

posted April 8, 2006

Park Support From Councillor Giambrone

posted April 8, 2006

Heroes Of The Park April 2006

News 2005 Heroes Of The Park

Growing Vegetables And Shooting Hoops

The Park And The Homeless

Stories About Us From Our Newsletters 2005 (archives)

Stories about us from our newsletters: 2000-2004 (archives)


posted Nov.4, 2006

CELOS raises park funds

posted Nov.4, 2006

City wages for Dufferin Grove Park on-site staff: update

posted April 8, 2006

Counterfeit Twenties

posted April 8, 2006

Cookie Money For Events

posted April 8, 2006

Snack Bar Food Prices

posted April 8, 2006

Park Staffing Budget

Finances to 2003 (archives)

Episodes Along the Way

Working With The City A synopsis

posted March 8, 2005

Breastfeeding and Human Rights, 2005

posted September 4, 2004

Budget Crisis 2004

posted February 15, 2004

The Inspector Crisis, 2003

Newspaper Clippings

posted March 7, 2005

Media Watch

Newspaper Clippings

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