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Neighbourhood Housing

Nov.19, 2023 (from Jutta):

At the end of the summer a Havelock neighbor approached me in the park asking if I knew anything about the owner of 118 Havelock, a group called "Madison" -- was it actually a developer? I had never heard of them, and asked around. It turned out that Madison Community Services was started in 1977, trying to deal with the fallout from a project to unlock the wards of Queen Street mental hospital and set people free. I knew many of the people who worked on that unlocking project back in the 1970s, but I didn't follow closely what happened after. I knew, like most other people know, that the freedom often turned into homelessness. Madison started setting up houses for those people to live in.

A bit of Madison's history is on their website here.

Today the program supervisor who has been working with residents of 118 Havelock came over to my house and told me a bit more. She said that until recently the house was owned by Toronto Community Housing, but operated by Madison staff, with between 3 and 5 residents. It's been operated that way for (I think she said) 18 years. Now the ownership has been transferred outright to Madison and as you know they want to put on an addition and turn the house into 15 small individual units. The meeting notices (attached) have gone out and into mailboxes, for Monday Nov.27, a week from today, at McCormick Rec Centre, 6 to 8 pm.

They have a story to tell, and the program supervisor says they want to hear what neighbours want to tell them. This is a conversation of importance to the neighbourhood, for sure.

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