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Small local grocery stores not far from Dufferin Grove Park

inside Strictly Bulk

Recommended by the park bakers -- for the first fifteen years of using the oven, the park bakers got most of their materials from this store.


siblings Carlos, Alex, and Alicia run the store

From Leena Raudvee: During the pandemic we relied on Bloorcourt Village Market at 868 Bloor St W., just east of Ossington, for great produce and general groceries. They have been in the neighbourhood for at least 30 years!


Robert Burns

Leena Raudvee: We also shop regularly at La Fromagerie at 868 College St, between Concord and Delaware. The proprietor, Robert Burns, specializes in wonderful French and Quebec cheeses. We are lucky to have such great little stores in the neighbourhood. It is a pleasure to be able to support them!


From Erella Ganon: I am a big fan of Nosso Talho ( 1326 Dundas St. West.) I noticed them keeping a brave face though it was difficult to keep everything stocked when the numbers of people inside was limited. They could allow only a couple people in to shop at a time no matter what blizzard raged outside. I appreciate that they juggled the frequently changing mandates. Their selection of vegetables, cheeses and canned fish (I am a big fan of good canned sardines) is always great even when keeping staff and supplies was challenging.

From Erella Ganon: I think of Unboxed Market (1263 Dundas St. West ) and love what they add to the neighbourhood.
We all think we want to make the world better but here is a place that really does tackle the huge issue of single use plastic packaging. I love buying stuff in mason jars. They make an effort to be helpful, to stock what we want to see carried.Michelle Genttner & Luis Martins are lovely members of our community.


Gasparro's, on Bloor near Christie Pits

Jane Price: Gasparro's have good meat and their excellent sausages are made in-house. They've been in the same location longer than anybody else in that strip.


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