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Dave the Dog Walker

posted May 20, 2004 from the August 2003 newsletter

When We Met Dave

On a hot Wednesday we met Dave Monette in the park, walking two dogs: Sally and Chomsky. Many park users would recognize Sally: she's the rangy-looking dog who is always running up and rolling down the snow hills beside the rink in the winter, because she loves snow so much. We asked Dave whether he walks other dogs too. He said, lots, and he told us he belongs to a group called the Professional Dog Walkers Association (PDWA). He said that to belong to this organization he has to have a pet first aid certificate, and he showed us the contents of his knapsack: balls, homemade dog toys, a water dish and a water jug, grocery bags for picking up after the dogs, and a brush. Apparently each dog gets brushed once during each walk. On top of that, Dave says he's just about to get his certification as a dog trainer, and indeed, Sally and Chomsky both looked perfectly well-behaved, waiting in the shade beside Dave as he answered our questions. Lucky dogs! Dave said he's in the neighbourhood parks so much he sees lots of what's going, and sometimes steps in to help with tricky situations. Sounds like a good man to have in our neighbourhood. His phone number, in case you want to talk to him about your dog, is 416 788-3319. His web site is and his e-mail address is

See The Animal Human Bond by Dave Monette

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