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Farmers' market

May 5, 2021, from market manager Anne Freeman:

"In case you havenít heard, the massive renovation project in the northwest corner of Dufferin Grove has begun. For the market, this means that there is no reasonable option to return to the park this year, even if Covid restrictions eventually ease. The building, the rinks, and the space adjacent to them will all be fenced off, and there will be a great deal of dust and noise, particularly in the early stages of the project.

We are investigating options for a small in-person component to the market at 270 Gladstone this summer, but we plan to continue offering weekly pickup and delivery of online orders for at least the next year if we can ó subject to change, as all plans are these days.

For some of you, this will come as great news, and for others, as a disappointment. Please take a glass half-full attitude to the situation if you can. Some things to remember:

With the cost and demand for space at such a premium in Toronto, we are incredibly fortunate to have the use of an excellent location a short distance from the park.

You are helping to keep over 30 of the very best small farms and food businesses in the land afloat through this challenging time.

Our website makes it easy to access a huge range of products all in one place, and the option to have orders delivered makes the market accessible to many people who would find it difficult or impossible to shop at the market otherwise.

Although our staff and vendors do make some mistakes, we all care about what we offer you, and do our best to be sure you are well-treated.

If you consider the complexity of getting the right quantities of hundreds of products from market farms and kitchens into and out of our depot quickly and safely, hey, itís a minor miracle that we pull it off each week!"

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