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A new place for the smaller park bake oven

the smaller bake oven is now down by the cob kitchen

The community bake ovens are (were!) both at the northwest corner, where the rink demolition has begun. The city's Capital Projects team found out during the community planning sessions that the smaller oven could be moved -- instead of being destroyed and replaced by a new oven (since the original oven didn't fit in with the new plans in its original location).

So the city's revised plan was to extract the smaller oven from its base beside the rink gates and move it close to the bigger oven.

But then there would be no access to hot and cold running water and a power source -- meaning that neither of the two outdoor ovens could be used (with public health approval) until the rink house renovation was ready (two years). So the city agreed to change the oven's location to the fully-serviced cob kitchen, down by the playground. That would mean that Friday Night suppers could be re-jigged on a smaller scale before the rink rebuild was completed at the northwest corner.

big machines were needed

On March 29, city staff extracted the smaller from its base and put it up n skids. They dug out a flat base in the new location, and then, early on April Fool's Day, they rolled the smaller oven along the main path down to the south end of the park near the cob kitchen.

You can't do a move like that without some mighty big machines!

When we looked inside the oven, it had the kindling and the wood all ready to go, with crumpled up newspaper -- still from over a year ago, before everything was stopped for the province's pandemic rules. It's like the spell cast over the castle in the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Can the oven be awakened soon?

Stay tuned....


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