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Park Maintenance during covid 2020


August 4,2020, from City Councillor Bailao

Aug.6: sandpit tap is back

"City staff are also able to activate the water tap the immediate area currently has some depressions and staff will complete grading this week should be complete by Friday"

August 6, 2020

Sandpit tap turned on for the season.

August 27: good tap replaced by bad tap
August 27, 2020

List serve post by Jutta:

Four city staff plus the area supervisor came with a backhoe and dug up the sandpit water tap. They replaced it with a nedw tap that only runs 15 seconds at a time. No fun, no more little river engineers. The sandpit emptied out fast.

There's a workaround. The water valve has an additional connector for a garden hose. So over the weekend I brought down and connected the community-garden hose, and the sandpit filled up again with kids. The waterplay area almost always gets more use than the wading pool. read more



August 4, 2020, from City Councillor Bailao:

Dear Dufferin Grove Friends,

I have been working with City staff over the past few weeks to address concerns with Dufferin Grove Park. I am pleased to update you and let you know that I have secured additional resources for the Park in order to address the concerns we've had with several issues.

The washrooms will be opened at 8:00 am and closed at 9:00 pm

They will be cleaned daily

City staff were able to clear out some accumulated garbage and debris that was in the Park

With the City now moving to Stage 3 in the provincial re-opening process City staff will be litter picking the playground area daily and they have been notified regarding the needle that was found in the Park so that this will get special attention'

The sand in the playground will be raked through this week and when possible topped up

City staff are also able to activate the water tap the immediate area currently has some depressions and staff will complete grading this week should be complete by Friday

August 5, 2020 (listserv, from Jutta):

I'm guessing that the minimal park maintenance on the councillor's list has to do with city council's recent vote to save $152 million by the end of this year through "workforce restraints" -- which includes "seasonal and part time staff layoffs...and mandating vacation use." If this kind of budgeting is just the tip of the iceberg, the community may have to return to what we used to do in the 1990s -- working alongside the few remaining staff, and:

-- taking turns opening and closing the washrooms, and cleaning and stocking them, both in the field house and the rink house;

-- taking back charge of the sandpit maintenance, the cob cafe, playground maintenance and the ovens;

-- repairing broken picnic tables, setting up small arts events, monitoring the campfires, watering the trees during droughts,

-- collaborating in running the rink (if it ends up not being closed for a redesign) -- especially because indoor arenas may not be allowed to open at all this winter.

read more

Picnic tables

some picnic tables upside down

About a week after the premier said that Toronto could go to Stage 3, some of the picnic tables that has been locked up in the hockey rink were distributed around the park. They filled up fast -- not everybody wants to sit and eat on the ground (blanket picnics). About 10 tables were not moved out, and after a week or so, some of them were flipped upside down on the rink surface. Their tops lay in puddles. A request to put those tables out went unanswered.

Sept.9, 2020

new boards on tables that were upside down

The tables have all been righted and the ones that were upside down in the puddles have had their boards replaced.


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