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posted August 04, 2007

DATE SET for TOY/Book/DVD/Halloween Costume SWAP

Circle October 27th and 28th on your calendar. It's the date of the birth of the TOY/BOOK/ DVD/Halloween Costume SWAP. Similar to the Dufferin Grove Clothing SWAP, tickets will be exchanged for each item dropped off to a maximum of 10 tickets (you are welcome to donate as many items as you wish). The drop-off is between 1:30 and 4:30 on Saturday, October 27th. You are then welcome back the next day (from 1:30-4:30 and the SWAP is Sunday, October 28th) to exchange each ticket for an item of your choice. A new wrinkle - if you drop off more than 10 items, the tickets will be given to children/parents less fortunate (5 max. per family). This will hopefully make many families happy who can't afford an Xmas gift for their child(ren). The SWAP will be held at Parkdale Library (corner of Queen Street and Cowan Avenue). Further details at: Hope to see you there. Bruce Whitaker.

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