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posted April 03, 2007

Neighbourhood Planning Summit

PEOPLE PLAN TORONTO, a group of representatives from neighbourhood organizations across the City of Toronto, invites you to get involved in a one-day Neighbourhood Planning Summit onSaturday, May 26 to identify problems with the planning process in the City, consider alternative models, and create an action plan for change.

The purpose of the day is two-fold: first, to learn from each other and experts about the planning process, its flaws, and potential solutions; and second, to come up with an action plan for change that will engage and involve communities across the city.

The recent Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) approval of 3 large developments on Queen Street West has been just the latest example of planning gone awry. Neighbourhoods across Toronto are exasperated with the City’s dysfunctional planning process and the role of the unelected OMB.

We need to fight for change, and to make that fight effective, we need to form a broad-based coalition of community groups whose voice cannot be ignored by our political representatives.

Get Involved!
  • Come to the forum on Saturday, May 26, 2007 at the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto, 230 College St. West.

Register online at

  • Tell us your story. We need your ideas. To help plan for useful discussions, tell us about a development in your area that your community thinks went wrong (or right), and why. Your stories will help us identify key issues and solutions to be discussed at the forum. To make it easier, we've developed a short questionnaire that you can access when you register (see the registration link, above). An example of a story about a a neighbourhood development is posted on our website at Details of the Summit will be posted on our website ( as they are confirmed.
Help Make Change!

Toronto citizens should have a say in how their communities are planned. Let’s raise our voice, put on the pressure, and work together for a better planning process.

Pass This On!

Pleaseds circulate this information to anyone you think would be interested in helping change the way planning is done in this city. If we’re going to be effective, we need as many voices from as many different neighbourhoods as possible.

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