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Be nice, clear your ice!

Stephan Jokisch wrote (January 19, 2009):

As Ben Wick's said "Be nice, clear your ice"!

I've noticed a preponderance of homes and businesses in our neighbourhoods that are not doing an adequate job of clearing their sidewalks of snow and ice.

By law we must clear our sidewalks of snow and ice within 12 hours of a snowfall or face a $105.00 fine (by-law 530-1999). In my opinion this does not mean waiting for five days of constant snowfall to clear your walk. Or just clearing a 12 inch path making it impossible to pass other pedestrians.

I believe as neighbours sometimes we have to take the initiative and confront the people in our neighbourhoods to step up and do things the right way. If you have a neighbour that does not clear their sidewalks ask them to do so. Failing that perhaps it's time to start calling the City of Toronto and having people and businesses fined.

I know that there are elderly and disabled people as well. The City has a program for this.

You can download the application form here:

Or call 416-392-7768 If you are a tenant, you are responsible for clearing the sidewalk unless other arrangements have been made with your landlord. You can get more information about this at the Landlord and Tenant Board website:

Or call 416-645-8080

As neighbours we also need to help each other out. If there is anyone out their who is elderly our disabled and needs their walk cleared contact me and I'll do it. Because to be honest I'm tired of trudging through uncleared sidewalks. Call me or send me an email:

Stephan Jokisch


416.338.0338 for Access Toronto
416.338.7669 for the Snow Line

Finally to lighten my post up a bit. Here's a link to the original 1985 Ben Wick's commercial for "Be nice, clear your ice"!

Carole Neron wrote (January 20, 2009):

Thanks for your message Stephen about snow removal in front of our dwellings. This is an issue for me as someone who doesn't have a car and is dependent upon a stroller for transporting my young child. As a result of heavy snow and lack of snow removal on the sidewalks, my daughter and I were house-bound for several days at a time last winter, and we have experienced this to a lesser extent this winter.

I would urge people to consider more than a 12 inch path when removing snow in front of their house, as this is not adequate room to push a stroller through.

Thanks again for raising this issue.

Christie Garvey wrote (January 28, 2009):

Hi neighbours.

Sorry to belabour this point but...Please, please do not shovel your sidewalks onto the road! I have tried to talk to a few people down on the West end of Wyndham but I don't think the message was received.

The next step is to register a complaint with the city. If anyone else wants to get on board, the number is 416 392 7768 but unfortunately they close at 4pm.

Hey, if my neighbours and I can haul snow uphill onto our front yards then it shouldn't be a problem for the street level homes to keep the snow in their front yard.


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