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Parking Ticket

February 23, 2009
J. M. wrote:

A friend got a parking ticket while parked in a proper overnight parking spot on Concord. She has a sticker. She was told that she has to fight it in the regular way (line up, go to court, etc.), but that's kind of strange. Has anyone else on this list received a parking ticket while properly parked overnight?

One wonders about new-staff errors or even -- fraud, if ticket officers are putting tickets on cars when there is no violation. Because there seems to be no channel for questioning errors -- only court. And the courts are rather clogged. Suggestions?

S. wrote:

I've gotten a few of those on St Clarens. Mostly when there was snow on the windshields, but a one or two when it's been clear. Just chalked it up to human error.

A.M. wrote:

I haven't had one like this but i find going down to Metro Hall John St, 2nd Floor usually clears the matter up

You might want to call first though..this may have changed

K. R. wrote:

Yes, we saw our car being ticketed for parking in the area in front of st mary's school, but it was before 8a when it is legal to park there, sticker or no sticker; we called to the guy to stop writing up the ticket and he acknowledged his error with a wave and didn't put the ticket on our car and drove away. We soon noticed that he had already ticketed 3-4 other cars that were also parked their legally; tho he stopped writing up our ticket, he did not then remove the tickets from those other cars. so it seemed like he must have been writing the tickets knowing that the cars were not illegally parked.

R. S. wrote:

Yes, I have. I got a ticket on my street with a valid permit in the window in December. I went downtown and they (she) would not rescind the ticket even although she could see on her computor that I had a valid permit ("if he didn't see a permit in the window then neither do I!"). I had to set a court date so I did. I then went home and waited for the parking guy to come around. He refused to do anything. It wasn't his ticket. He suggested I had received the ticket because the permit was (he crooked his finger)"curling a bit". I got on the phone and called the number on the ticket . They were polite, but basicly I must be a liar. I was put on ext. lines to people that never got answered. I didn't want to let it go because if I agreed I was illegal what would I do if another one came? So, my wife got on the phone on my behalf. She can be very tenacious and eventually came up with a number for the West Side Parking Supervisor. It worked like a charm. "Why didn't you call me earlier" he demands. I got a call from him a day or so later to say a policeman (in a fully marked cruiser) will pull up to my door and I must hand him the ticket to be rescinded. I hung the ticket from the front door with tape but Clancy happened to be home when he arrived. And that was the end of that. The number that I dialed was (I believe) 416 - 808 - 6600 (West Side Parking Authority) to summon the genie from the bottle. I have that number written down here but I was also dialing many numbers so I really hope that's the magic one. A month later I saw a white chalk mark on my front tire, same place on my street, so I rubbed it out as I was fed up with being called a liar so politely so many times. I guess I shouldn't have done that because my neighbour up the street came to tell me that he saw the parking guy entering my licence plate number into his computor. But no more tickets so far. (turns out they were giving out $30 tickets to vehicles that appeared not to have moved in a seven day period. I guess a special tax for those that can afford to go South for a week or two in Febuary. Not me.) Good luck.

K. wrote:

I have occasionally gotten a ticket for the reason 'parked within 9 meters of intersection'. Most times when I take these tickets to a parking tag office they are torn up in front of me. Its a bit of a bogus reason on these side streets, some of which are barely even 9 meters long. The ticket will have some reason stated on it. Consider the reason, and if it is something that didn't appy, go to parking tag office and explain that to the clerk. They will either invalidate the ticket in front of you, or you will have to request a court date to state your case.

C. M. wrote:

I get them all the time in my neighbourhood of Queen and Bathurst. It is incredibly frustrating and sometimes you have to pay them because you don't have time to go to John St AND to court.

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