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If a pipe bursts in your basement or your roof leaks, where do you turn? Find out your neighbours' favourite fixers, where your neighbours like to go out to eat, who they go to for piano lessons, and more. This list is a compendium of listserv posts from four local lists.

Car Maintenance

Welcome to the Car Maintenance page, where neighbour recommendations give us a guide to some of our neighbourhood car maintenance service providers.

Car Mechanics


posted March 1, 2012

From: Evy Shore I like mike at starling auto at dundas and Bathurst He is very honest and reasonable

From: Nancy Tong

mario's garage 2-B Fennings street north of queen east of dovercourt 416-531-0875

mario and his brother roger have been our mechanic for over 10 years and i trust him through and through.

totally honest, friendly, reasonable and explains things so that i can actually understand what my car needs.

i've recommended him to anyone who's ever asked and have always heard good things back.

From: Danyelle Boily

This one was recommended as well, by a neighbour: Best mechanic I know of is Frank at Certified Tire, corner of Queen and Sorauren. Frank is knowledgeable, budget conscious, totally nice and very thorough. We've used him for at least a dozen years on three vehicles. He's great. (416) 531-0095

From: Colette Snyder

I strongly second the recommendation for Mike at Starling Auto, at Dundas and Bathurst. Honest, and reasonabie, and a nice guy.

From: Maria Brum

I strongly recommend Spadina auto. Wayne the owner is great ! He will do everything to get what you need done. He will give you the cost of "the name brand' and the after market price of items.

I have been using them for years. He has solved every problem,with my car, that I have ever had.

I have sent others there and they stay with him also.

Wayne takes, pride in making sure his costumers are happy.

From: Colette Murphy

I will second this suggestion. Frank is THE most honest mechanic I have ever come across.

Highly recommend Certified Tire at Sorauren and Queen.

From: David

We've been going to Autosonic (1236 Dundas St. W.), west of Ossington and have been very happy with their service. The garage is a bit odd to find as it's just behind the LCBO on Dundas St. They have a map on their web site. The fellows name is Nelson at 416-535-7565 and tell him David Orr recommended them. He's been taking care of our 1991 Honda Accord for a number of years. Sadly it finally died.


posted December 12, 2011

From: The Cepins
We've been going to Dublin Auto for over 10 years. It's just off Runneymede, south of St. Clair (first street East. As soon as you turn on to this street make a right turn into the laneway running parallel to Runneymede. It turns and you'll see cars and the door to Dublin Auto.) The phone number is 416-762-6127.

From: Gwen Schauerte
I recommend Sisca's at Dupont and Bathurst. Clean, efficient and reliable. Not the cheapest guys in town, but I trust them.

From: Charles Hart
we have used Frank at Master Mechanic since moving to this area 6 years ago and he has been great.

From: Renee
Try Mario's Garage at 415-531-0875 at 28 Fennings Ave. They are honest, and really good at what they do. It is a family run business with two brothers. And they take care of the Autoshare fleet. We always get in to get our car fixed. We've been going to them for a long time.


posted November 11, 2009

From: Peter Fleming

Best mechanic I know of is Frank at Certified Tire, corner of Queen and Sorauren. Frank is knowledgeable, budget conscious, totally nice and very thorough. We've used him for at least a dozen years on three vehicles. He's great. (416) 531-0095


posted October 15, 2009

From: Sara

I have been taking my car to Mario & Roger at Mario's Garage for over 10 years. They are good, fast and honest. They are at Fanning and Queen - 416-531-0875.

From: Peter Fleming

posted August 08, 2009

Absolutely the best mechanic in the hood is Frank at Certified Tire at the corner of Sorauren and Queen, (416) 531-0095. I've used him for 15 years on a series of vehicles and he is always realistic, does the right amount of work (ie not more than required) and his prices are great.


posted August 23rd, 2007

We also have used Frank at Alcina Motors for the last couple of years. He's a great guy, reliable and honest.



posted August 23rd, 2007

Frank at Crawford Auto. Across from Dominions on College Street. Great guy who gets the job done on time and at a relatively good price. Mention that I referred you.



posted August 23rd, 2007

I have been using Frank at Alcina Motors on Geary near the Brick for years. (north of Dupont/west of Dufferin) he was recommended by other people and I have recommended him to others and we are happy with him.




posted August 23rd, 2007

We are lucky enough to have a gifted mechanic in the area who not only is fair and knows his stuff but he gives Friends of Dufferin Grove Park a discount too. Nelson's behind the 7-11 at dovercourt and dundas. Take the alley next to the liquor store or the first alley north of the 7-11 to get to his place, Autosonic. (416) 535-7565
I think he's great, and everyone I have sent his way has been happy too.

Note: there is another AutoSonic on dundas, just west of his alley who are apparently also good. They are related somehow, but don't do the discount.



posted March 1, 2007

Hey, I have been to [Eric at Hercules Auto]. Lovely guy.

I thought his prices seemed a little high. I was selling a car and Eric is the mechanic the buyer wanted me to take the car to. I really like him.

Nelson at Autosonic is still my fave. (416) 535-7565 Hes behind the 7-11 at dundas and dovercourt. I went to him this week and am reminded about my respect for him because he explains everything very well. His prices are great and he gives dufferin grove friends a discount.

I really liked the Eric guy too for the same reason. He seems fair and knowledgeable too. Nelson is closer for me though.

Thanks Erella


posted March 1, 2007

Just in case anyone is ever in need of a good mechanic I am writing to sing the praises of ours Eric at Hercules Auto 374 Dupont Street. 416-960-0400. (just west of Bathurst on the north side)

Just dropped the car off and in chatting he mentioned he has had a slow winter would hate for him to suffer the fate of many small businesses.

He runs a one man shop, very reliable, trustworthy, great at staking out used parts where needed, etc...and very nice to deal with.

Anyhow, bookmark for future reference. Jenn


posted September 26, 2004

From: "Max Wallace" To: Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 11:15 PM Subject: [dufferingrovefriends] Honest mechanic

I have discovered something truly rare in Toronto that I just have to pass on to this group - an honest car mechanic!

They're called Autosonic and they're located at Dundas, around Dovercourt. After lots of horrific experiences at other mechanics, I first brought our 14-year-old Honda Civic to them a few months ago for a tune-up and checkup and I even told them that I thought it sounded a bit funny. They called me back the same afternoon and told me there was nothing wrong with it except that it needed new windshield wipers. They replaced the wipers, changed the oil and the total bill came to about $60.00. I think that's the cheapest I ever ended up paying after a checkup/tuneup on any car, new or old. But I assumed that was just a fluke.

Then, earlier this week, I heard what sounded like a metallic clanking in the car and knew something was wrong. I immediately brought it to Autosonic and, since my Drive Clean test is due in three weeks, I also asked them to do that at the same time. A few hours later, I received a call informing me that it was a very minor problem with the exhaust, they had fixed it, and I could pick it up at any time.

If they had told me I needed a new fligabidijit and the total was $1200.00, I would of course have paid it without hesitation.

Total cost, including the Drive Clean test, a new gas cap required to pass the emissions test, and taxes: $57.44.

I noticed on my bill that they had charged me a grand total of $4.00 for labour! They are also very friendly and incredibly efficient.

Just thought that I'd share this discovery with everybody who's tired of turning over their car repairs to thieves.

Car Mechanics continued...

Car Mechanics (cont'd)


posted September 26, 2004

I also have had nothing but satisfactory experiences at Autosonic, and in fact first heard of them through a recommendation from this list (thanks Peter).

It truly is a great relief to find an honest mechanic!

- John Dent


posted September 26, 2004

I'm happy to add that we've had a number of really good experiences with Autosonic as well, even before they were our mechanics (i.e. in emergencies). Plus one of the long-time rink rats at Dufferin Rink, David Pavao, was working there the last time we went -- I saw him grow up at the rink and we had some struggles, but I never knew he loved cars. The mechanics at Autosonic must have realized he had talent, and they hired him on and gave him as much responsibility as he could handle, which was a lot. They taught him more and he did a big job on our previous car, with excellent results (it's still running, against the odds, for one of the Clay and Paper Theatre company's puppeteers). I think David Pavao is getting his mechanic papers now.

The feeling that they give you at Autosonic is that they'll tell you what's really the case, plus they seem to have good success, plus they seem to feel optimistic even about old cars. Solid, smart, common-sense Portuguese.



posted February 2, 2005

In case anyone is looking for a mechanic that I think is good there is Autosonic. They are located in a laneway just north of Dundas, east of Dovercourt. There are 2 ways to get there, if you enter from Dovercourt, just north of the 7-11. Or the place north of the LCBO store on Dundas. There isn't a street entrance.They are where 2 unnamed alleys meet.

This is the mechanic who used to be in the Esso station at the foot of Rusholme at College. The guy's name is Nelson and the number is 416 535 7565

They are great, just went there again for some stupid things and was pleased that he had my car all day and it cost $115 including tax. My car wasn't warming up from cold properly, so it was burning too much gas and the car would not warm up at all. He had to warm it up and get it cool over and over. Anyway I was pleased with the result.

Last time I went, he said he was going to give us dufferin park folks a 10% or 15% discount. Whatever the discount, I have had good honest work from him and have heard nothing but good comments about these Autosonic guys from my neighbours.


Motorcycle Mechanics


posted May 7, 2007

Cycle Werx Bloor, east of Keele is very good. They are honest folks and will work on older and new bikes. 416-913-4965


Oil Change


posted September 23, 2009

From: Erella Ganon
Many of us use Nelson at Autosonic.

There are 2 affiliated places with the same name but are not interchangeable. His garage is in the alley behind the LCBO store, behind the 7-11 at Dundas and Dovercourt. (416) 535-7565

Tell him I sent you, or the dufferin list and he gives you a discount. He's honest and easy to understand. He won't make you get something done that you don't need doing. I trust him. He used to be on College st and Rusholme where that empty lot is now.

From: Jane lowbeer
I really like the Crawford garage at Crawford and College.

From: Jane Brooks

High Park Auto on Howard Park. Len has been fixing my vehicles forever. Honest and straightforward although a little brusque at times.

From: Colette Murphy

I have good luck with Mr. Lube at Spadina and Eglinton. Handy as you just drive in, no appt. necessary. I am also very happy with Certified Tire at Sorauren and Queen. They do all kinds of automotive work

From: Jennifer

My vote goes to Nelson at Autosonic. I found him using this forum and he's been giving our 1991 Honda Accord wagon excellent service for the past few years now.

Street Parking Passes

From: Lara McKinnon

Week long visitor parking passes that are bought at city hall don't have to have a plate number on them - only ones bought online. So if there is no plate number on the pass, it is transferable.

Bike repair


posted August 25, 2010

From: Liz Martin

Just wanted to let you know I had my old bike fixed up by a young guy on Rusholme north of College and was very pleased with price and workmanship. Carlos Gaudio ( is starting out in a garage back of his place, but has all the equipment and knowledge needed for good service. Plus he's a very friendly local!

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