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posted July 4, 2006


Yoga in the park
every Thursday, weather permitting, 4:45-6:00.

It is open and free for youth (12-24), no registration is necessary. They usually meet between the Basketball court and Soccer field.

Theatre in the park

And here’s a schedule of youth-oriented outdoor park theatre performances from DMYS program supervisor Wolfgang Vachon:

Friday, July 7th at 1:00, in the yurt, “Trans Cab”.

“Toronto is home to Canada’s largest trans community. It is also home to one of the largest homeless populations in the country. “Trans Cab” was created by homeless and formerly homeless transgendered and transsexual individuals based upon their experiences navigating Toronto’s shelter system. Drawing upon diverse theatre styles, Trans Cab allows multiple voices to interact- including the audience- in a way that does not lose the integrity of the production.”

Monday, July 17th also at 1:00pm: Toronto Playback Theatre.

“Toronto Playback Theatre is dedicated to listening to people's stories and transforming them spontaneously into theatre. Their mission is to provide organizations with dramatic, audience-interactive performances and programs that build trust, deepen dialogue and generate opportunities for personal and professional development. Playback Theatre aims to create a ritual space where every voice and any story - however ordinary, extraordinary, hidden or difficult - might be heard and told. The Toronto Playback Theatre is committed to a theatre that values community, service, and the possibility of personal and social transformation through art.”

Monday August 14: Mixed Company Theatre: Under Pressure

...a newly developed work addressing the current trend of rising STI and HIV transmission rates among youth. This Forum Theatre production explores sexual pressures and consequences from a variety of perspectives as we observe five highschool students in their struggles with image and popularity, love and friendship, betrayal and trust. Under Pressure explores relationship negotiations and encourages students to find their own voices amidst the complex pressures faced in high school today.

Forum Theatre is issue-based and interactive and purposely presents the worst case scenario to prompt audience participation. Audience members intervene in the story, acting (as a spect-actor) in the play to create a positive alternative ending. The first part of the play is 30 minutes in length followed by the 45-minute facilitated educational program of audience interventions and topic discussions. A trained Forum Theatre facilitator (the Joker) prepares and encourages the spect-actor to replace the actors on stage and to change the story in a constructive way.

About Dufferin Mall Youth Services

Dufferin mall Youth Services program supervisor Wolfgang Vachon says that staff from the agency will be in the park throughout the summer and into the fall to connect with youth. Their services are: “culturally sensitive counselling, community support, and programming for youth age 12-24 and their families. DMYS was conceived and established as a joint community, mall, and business initiative to meet the needs of families, youth, businesses, and individuals striving to improve their communities. We are located inside Dufferin Mall in Suite 103, down the hall from HRDC and beside Abrigo. For more information call 416 535 1140.”

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