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posted July 4, 2006


Harvest at the children's garden, Aug.13

From garden support staff Jenny Cook: “Once again, and hopefully for the last time, we are going to switch our official gardening meeting hours at Dufferin Grove Park.

"In an attempt to avoid sun-stroke, from now on we will meet on Sunday evenings at around 5 pm. Thus, not only will we avoid the worst of the heat, we will also be able to make and eat dinner (enjoying some of the fruits of our labour), before tackling the weeds into the wee hours of the night, or at least until it gets too dark to see.

If you have never yet made it out, don't be shy!”

From park neighbour Simon Lepik-Wookey: “I think it would be good to put a French drain at the southeast corner of the park, where all the water runs down from the sand pit. In the meantime, Rebecca and I have been doing a little gardening in the back there. We have established a good violet patch along with some day lilies and other flowers to hide that steel car barrier. We plan to transplant some irises in the fall along with some other hearty annuals that we have in our garden.”

Simon says they’d like to work with other park friends to “establish a nice little shade garden with a bench in that back corner. It could be a good project for children to learn about gardening... or just a nice place for parents to sit and rest in the shade while watching their kids having fun and getting very dirty.... “

If anyone has wet-loving, shade-loving plants to donate, Simon will plant them down there. Contact Simon at

The City Forestry Department has not been able to plant the promised 25 trees (yet), but the 8 trees and many bushes planted by park friends within the past year are all thriving. Park friends have been planting trees in the park since 1995, and some of those early plantings are getting very big. The black walnut trees in the “Remembering Garrison Creek” gardens in the southwest corner are at least fifteen feet tall now, and they’ve got a bumper crop of walnuts ripening on them.

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