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posted May 11, 2006



Location: right beside the rink house (inside if it rains). Organized by Bruce Whitaker. Bruce writes: ''“Clean your closet of those clothes that are perfectly fine but never get worn, and do your part for the environment through Swap rather than purchase, and find some really groovy clothes, and support those in need, and meet your neighbors.”'' FOR MEN, WOMEN AND KIDS
Clothes Drop-off: Saturday May 6th (11 a.m - 3 p.m) 1 Swap ticket will be given for each item donated. Maximum of 10 tickets but no limit to donations. Clothes need to laundered, be in 'good' shape and be dropped off with hangers. A note attached indicating size and perhaps any other info (i.e. story of its travels) is welcome.
Clothes Swap and BBQ: Sunday May 7th (11 a.m - 3 p.m). Each Swap ticket from the clothes drop-off can be swapped for an article of clothing. Park friends Silvie Varone and Simon Evans are setting up temporary try-on rooms, and park staff Eroca Nicols is going to make sure that no one gets trampled (as well as cooking hot dogs on the BBQ).

“Festival of Non-Violence” Saturday May 6th from 1:00 - 6:00p.m.
Put on by the Humanist Movement of Toronto. ''Location: in the Garrison Creek Hollow, south of the marsh fountain, by Dufferin Street''. Rain or shine.
Live music (Russell Leon Band, Samba Elegua, SINVA, and others), speakers (Christian Peacemaker Teams, Charles Roach, Howard Jerome) and poets (Robert Priest), activities for kids of all ages, coffee and conversation. From the organizers: “The Festival is part of planned activities around the world recognizing a Day of Non-Violence. In '''Liberia, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Switzerland, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Mexico, Italy, Hungary, Cameroon, India, England''', people are gathering on May 6 to celebrate the force of Non-Violence in their own lives and in the world. This is a creative celebration to encourage the healthy community spirit that rejects violence in all of its forms.”
For more information -

NORWEGIAN CONSTITUTION DAY PARADE AND PICNIC, Saturday May 13th: 12 noon to 3 p.m.; Base location: centre of the park, near the playground. Hosted by parks friends Arne Nes and '''Robin Crombie'''. Arne says that about 200 Norwegians living in Toronto celebrate Norway’s biggest holiday, Norwegian Constitution Day, every May. But the location they had last year wasn’t so good. So this year Arne thought they’d like to try having their parade and picnic in Dufferin Grove Park. They’ll make hot dogs but also Norwegian waffles. The picnic starts at 12 noon. Arne writes: ''“At 12.30: Speech by invited person, at the moment we are trying to get the ambassador or an Olympian to do this. In Norway it’s a big honor to be asked. 1300 Hrs: Parade from the park up Gladstone to Bloor east to Rushholme and down to Dewson and west to park, nice and short, expecting small kids and some seniors. 1400 Hrs: Games for kids.”
Arne looked for a marching band, but had no luck until he ran into
'David Anderson''' (Clay and Paper Theatre director) in the park. David knows a lot of musicians, and within a day he had collected a band for the Norwegians. Some of the celebration’s participants will be in the costumes of their regions, park friend Anne Bjorseth will be helping to cook the traditional waffles, and non-Norwegians are welcome!

ENVIRONMENT DAY: Saturday May 13, 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Sponsored by Toronto City Councillor Adam Giambrone. ''Location: Dufferin Mall parking lot.'' That’s the day when you get to bring all your paint cans, old computers, batteries and bald tires to be dumped or recycled. There will also be free leaf compost, and recycling bins for sale. For more information, go to

May 25 and June 1 (both Thursdays), 6 to 8 p.m. “Storydance” public workshops for PARK PIECES. Location: centre of the park. During the last two weeks of May, well-known local artists and park friends Meagan O'Shea and Lisa Pijuan-Nomura will be spending many hours in the park, collecting park stories from people in the park. Meagan and Lisa are working on a dance theatre project called PARK PIECES that will take place in Dufferin Grove Park in the months of May and June. They want to create dance pieces based on the stories they gather, which will culminate in a public performance on June 23 and 24. To help shape the dance pieces, there will be two community workshops on May 25 and June 1st from 6 to 8 p.m. These workshops will focus on combining storytelling and dance together. Everyone welcome! For more information about the project, contact Lisa Pijuan-Nomura at

Elisa Gilmour

Part-time park staff and student Elisa Gilmour has been accepted to go and work at a yet-undetermined French-speaking country in Africa with Canada World Youth after her graduation this year. To go, she has to do a fundraiser for her fare and expenses. So Elisa has enlisted her friends (including a few friends on the park staff) to cook a tasty supper for the first outdoor supper of 2006. Elisa has asked other talented friends to make music. This supper is pay-what-you-can, so people can help out as much as they are willing. It’s a good chance to find out more about Canada World Youth, too, for young park friends who might be thinking about what’s next after school is finished.

Second annual “NO ONE IS ILLEGAL” COMMUNITY FAIR, Saturday May 27, 4-8 p.m. ''Location: the Garrison Creek hollow just south of the marsh fountain by Dufferin Street. Organized by the '“No one is Illegal” club''' of Toronto. Live music, food, art and kids’ activities.  This event is part of an international movement (originating in Europe and now world-wide) in support of status for migrant workers. Despite the difficult theme, most recently affecting Portuguese workers in Toronto, last year’s music stage was lively and humorous, and the mood was one of celebration and outdoor fun. For more information:

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