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Bringing the oven back to life Part 2

Oct.7, 2022 from the Parks supervisor

Thank you for the email. In regards to the Cob serving counter I have submitted a work order to Tech Services for the following:

Repair Cob serving counter cupboards

Remove graffiti

Upgrade padlock

Upgrade Hinges


Oct.13, 2022 Fourth pizza day

Friday afternoon to Saturday morning

Nobody came to the homeschoolers' part (2 until 3 pm) at all, and it looked as though no one was coming at 3.30 either. But then suddenly there were lots of people. Staffing was still odd -- too many staff, and yet the pizza-making tables needed more attention. Donations: $102.90 . Extra (non-city) baker fee: $90 ($30/hour). Extra (youth) table supervision: $30 ($15/hour).

This was the start of experiments in using the residual heat.
read more in the oven log

Oct.18, 2022, to both parks and rec staff

Tech services has done a nice job repairing the broken hinges at the cob kitchen but now we need to put locks on right away -- A297 -- otherwise it will be easy to break the doors again.

Oct.19, 2022, to the Ward 9 Parks supervisor

The problem is still not solved. The outside fixtures are cheap and twisted and so the doors don't latch tight at all. There's almost an inch gap on both doors even when locked -- it would be so easy to pry them open. That would be a shame -- we still couldn't safely store the oven program stuff in there, and the counter is such a nice solidly built thing (by other city carpenters), it really shouldn't be spoiled by that weak part. I think there has to be another strip(s) of wood added too.

I know this is tech services, not maintenance. But would it be possible for someone to come and have a look and then make the closures as solid as the rest of the counter?




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