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posted July 11, 2004

The yurt returned to the park, June 2004

The yurt returned to the park for two weeks beginning at the end of June (June 18), 2004 (more centrally this time, nearer to the playground). Ian Small and Michelle Oser bought this yurt when they were in Uzbekistan with Medecins sans Frontieres, and they had a yurt-raising and then various activities in the yurt, including music and films, in our park three years ago. The Spiral Garden program at the Hugh MacMillan Centre used the yurt for its children's day camp over the last two summers, and now it's our turn again. This is a magnificent structure. Some people who felt like a nomad for a day helped lash the tent poles together. It also had people sleeping in it every night -- living like a herdsman from Uzbekistan.

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