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From the July 2007 Newsletter


Wednesday July 11 2007, 7 pm

The Dufferin Grove wading pool was built around 1950. Some of the pipes are still the original ones – and they sure are rusty! The City of Toronto has a budget fund called “state of good repair,” and the wading pool’s number has come up. City Councillor Adam Giambrone says that around $250,000 (!) is earmarked to rebuild the pool from scratch. The city has already hired a consultant to create a design (see the end of this article for the drawings).

Now city staff and the architect are ready to consult wading pool users for their thoughts on the plan. The drawings are posted by the pool. On July 11 City of Toronto capital development staff and the architect will explain the plans and give park users a chance to respond. Recreation staff will keep the pool and the snack bar open during the first part of that meeting, to make it easier for wading pool users to attend.

Wading pool staff will also take down comments and suggestions from wading pool users who are not able to make it to the meeting. Or you can e-mail comments to (specify if you don’t want them to be posted on the web).

For the existing pool plans see WadingPool213-L-01-2007-06-22ext.pdf. For the plans for the new wading pool see WadingPool213-L-01_2007-06-22rev1.pdf.

Email from Jutta Mason after the meeting:

I think this meeting was pretty good and interesting. Afterwards the landscape architect went around with the wading pool staff and they got into some operational details that will also help.

Sounds like the double asphalt access will be reduced to a single path, and they're going to cost out another wheelchair access path from the entrance on Havelock.

Sounds like the tap for sandy feet will be no problem.

Some months ago there was a concern about water being wasted at the sandpit: the architect said that the drain for the foot washing station can double as a drain for the sandpit run-off, involving a French drain and even weeping tile to disperse the water toward the trees.

And going one better: the wading pool puts an even greater amount of water down the drain every day (than the sandpit). So the architect is going to check out a capped diversion drain that could be hooked up to an underground storage tank when the provincial wastewater regulations change (soon). That would mean we'd have the capacity to use ALL the wading pool water to run hoses to the trees.

So there is some real ecological innovation involved here. The councillor said the revised plan will be made public within weeks.


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