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Dufferin Grove "splash pad" as a pre-season cooling station.

Cooling down at Dufferin Grove, click to enlarge

posted June 25, 2013

Even though the Dufferin staff have been told to stay away from pools - they're able to turn on the sprinklers and run the sadpit tap to keep everyone cool.

posted Summer 2010

This unseasonably hot weather during the last weeks of May meant the playground was packed. Playground users were clamouring for the wading pool to be opened, to cool the kids down. That wasn't possible, but the staff turned on the sprinklers. Joy (and coolness)!

There was a problem at first -- the pool surface was very slippery. So the staff scrubbed off the dust and grim from the winter, using a strong chlorine solution and stiff brooms. It worked! No more head bangs.


During May, the sprinkler are turned on whenever it gets hot enough that playground users begin to wilt.


posted June 25, 2011

arts and crafts with the Dufferin Park Wading Pool staff

posted June 06, 2011

Summer is coming! Enjoy Splash Pads (May 28 - Sep 18), Wading Pools (Jun 30 - Sep 4), and Outdoor Pools (Jun 18 or 25 - Sep 4).

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