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Description: Playground maint.
Status: Open
Department: Parks

started July 16, 2007

Playground Maint.

From Recreation staff Mayssan Shuja to Parks supervisor Peter Leiss, 7/19/2007 8:50am

Hello Peter To follow up - the one tire on the playground structure now has sharp wires sticking out of it. Recreation staff has put duct tape on this as a safety measure. Please advise who i should be contacting about this. Also, is Joe still in charge of tilling under the playground structures. A park user asked and I wanted to answer what the frequency of this was. Thank you, Mayssan shuja

From Recreation staff Mayssan Shuja to Parks supervisor Peter Leiss, 7/16/2007 1:27 PM

Hello Peter - There are some playground issues that need attention: The Climbing wooden/chain stairs on one of the structures are broken, One climbing tire needs to be replaced Graffiti with inappropriate wording and symbols need to be removed Thank you, Mayssan Shuja-Uddin 416-896-8942

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