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Website - Technical - People

We have identified a number of roles for the support of the website. An individual can (and often does) take on multiple roles.


Sets the editorial guidelines for both layout patterns and content. Sets directions for publishing. General planning and management.


By department. Solicits and produces content for the website. Applies editorial guidelines. Assembles text, images, pdf's, and instructions, and passes content on to custodians.


By piece. Researches and produces text for the website.


Produces photographs for the website.

Graphic artist

Produces original graphics for the website.


Maintains off-line library of photographs, graphics, and archives.


By department. Physically publishes material on the website. Includes copy editing and layout decisions.


Periodically sweeps obsolete files into archives. Checks that all links are functioning.


Overall responsibility for the design, technical functioning, and appearance of the website. Sets technical standards. Tracks usage and referrals from other sites. Manages circulation issues, including email services. Organizes training.

Software Developer

Provides technical support involving cascading style sheets, javascript, and html programming.


Promotes community and public awareness of the website.