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Cob maintenance 2022

July 4, 2022 from Jutta to Rec supervisor Anthony DeLaurentis

I'd like to address the cob kitchen problems, most immediately the gaps in the shingles (16 gaps open to rain).

Peter White sent his carpenter to put on brand new high-quality shingles in September 2020. The carpenter did a great job but last year's homeless encampments more or less wrecked it, and the damage is still ongoing.

I am told that Mayssan, the only person left on your PT staff who has been doing repairs on the cob over the years, can't do even small patches now because she does not wish to share her vaccination status with the city. City policy will not let her have any shifts.

kids cobbing, 2005

However, Mayssan is willing to help us on Thursday to tarp the many gaps. As the next step, please connect me to whoever at Parks will be in charge of repairs -- it's time to strategize together about replacing the tempting wooden shingles with red asphalt shingles that won't be usable for fires.

The community cob kitchen was built with the help of almost 500 community volunteers over three months (in 2005), including children. It was plumbed and wired by city electricians and plumbers. It should not be allowed to deteriorate to the point where it has to be demolished.

July 17, 2022, from Jutta

Dear Anthony, There is a new wave of new graffiti on the cob kitchen walls that needs quick removal. Recreation staff knew how to remove such graffiti fairly easily but none of those staff may be left now. I have copied Mayssan on this -- hopefully she can track down the formula for the special coating that's needed.

Since this part of the cob is a favourite place for children to play, it would be good to remove this fast.





July 18, 2022, from rec supervisor Anthony Delaurentis

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will connect with parks regarding removal.

July 21, 2022

Thank you Anthony. Hi Jonathan, -- it would be a good idea for Parks to be in touch directly to share their plans for fixing the cob problems that we have raised. It just takes a few minutes to coordinate approaches and make sure that a sudden problem e.g graffiti is not turned into a long term problem, e.g. by using plain paint overtop of the membrane.

July 25, 2022 -- site meeting with Grant Drygas (general supervisor of West Parks) and Jonathan Larkin (supervisor of Ward 9 parks)
July 29, 2022, from Jutta

cob tarped and plastering begun

major plastering repairs happened this afternoon, involving children as well as adults. If the city's graffiti removal staff can help by removing (sanding off) the paint that they used to paint over the graffiti, the lime wash can be applied instead.

Aug.3, 2022, email from Ward 9 parks supervisor Jonathan Larkin

At Dufferin Grove Park, as discussed in our on-site meeting on July 28, please see the following list of action items for the Cob Kitchen:

1. Exposed electrical outlet by wooden oven structure - Resolution, install cover over electrical outlet

2. Damaged water heater cover- Resolution, repair water heater cover

3. Remove regular paint that is covering obscene graffiti so that lime wash paint can be applied- Will confirm with Tech Services as to how the regular paint can be removed

4. Bake oven missing a board- Resolution, replace missing board

5. Remove wooden oven structure

6. Replace wood shingles with asphalt shingles

Work orders have been submitted to Tech Services to rectify the above action items.

Aug.4, 2022, from Mayssan

I see that the cob bench has been sawed off. Thank you.

1/ Whats inside looks like hazardous waste (meth kits) - can someone from parks come and clean up the area with safety boots/gear? Ive put a pylon in front.

2/ Second the cob counters have been vandalized including the fridge and abused (fecal matter) - can this be removed and disposed of. I've ccd Nicole on here too - market manager.

Please make sure the freezer is not moved and the counters secured once again.

3/The screws are still exposed and sticking out of the heater - can that be secured as a safety concern and then the water heater checked.

4/Finally Nicole realized the power outlet was capped instead of covered which means a vendor will no longer have access. Can this be rectified and the whole power of the area reassessed - last week the power wasn't sufficient for the needs of the vendors. Isn't there another source?

Note: the tarps covering the shingles have been ripped off and i dont have a staple gun. Unfortunate since its going to rain today.

August 4, 2022, from Mayssan

so after the first downpour, Laura brought her staple gun and we put the tarps back up, including Maggie's donated larger blue one right in the middle of the cob and the very top. Just in time for the next rain shower. I also tried tying some twine to the tarp. maybe it will be an extra deterrent.
But now it is alot more visible too :)
I almost wonder if it was parks themselves who pulled off the tarps - to view the shingles? The tarps were left in a rather neat pile in front.

August 5, 2022, from the park supervisor, responding to Mayssan

water heater cover July 2022

water heater cover fixed August 2022

Parks staff have cleaned up the area.
- Parks staff have removed the fridge and fecal matter. The freezer was not moved and the counters were secured. I have submitted a request to Tech services to have the vandalized area painted over.
- The cover for the water heater has been repaired and there are no exposed screws. I have submitted a work order to Tech services to have the water heater checked.
- power outlet was capped, which power outlet are you referring to? A work order was submitted to Tech services to have a power outlet covered, and based on my observation the power outlet was covered not caped. Please see the attached picture. I will submit a work order to Tech services to have the power supplying the cob kitchen reassessed.

Sept.4, 2022, to the Ward 9 Parks supervisor, cc to the Rec supervisor

The carpenters did a great job on the shingling of the cob kitchen last week. And they re-attached the broken door on the counter as well. The paint covering up the graffiti is fine for now, most of the plaster has been repaired by community people, and it looks good. So nice to see!

shingles fixed

serving counter fixed

Asking a favour: in the next few weeks there will be a fair bit of election-issues discussion. Erella has invited one of the mayoral candidates to the park for this Thursday at 6, and it's possible that some people will be having picnics in the area, to stay and talk longer. It would be good to have access to the cob kitchen sinks at that time, including hot water. Would it be possible to remove the plywood sink cover and turn on the hot water in advance?

I've cc'd Anthony on this, in case that's actually a rec responsibility. It will also be important to have a way of turning off the water after the market is done (I think the turnoff is in the WP pit). Two weeks ago the water was apparently not turned off at the shutoff and so somebody must have reached through the window opening and turned on the sink tap, for mischief, and in the morning the area was pretty flooded. That hasn't happened again since then, though.

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