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Cob maintenance October 2022

Oct.4, 2022, the Ward 9 Parks supervisor and the Ward 9 Rec supervisor

- just an update on the shingles: the situation is much better than before. I have the feeling that most shingle damage now comes from children rather than from people trying to use them as kindling.

A fair bit of damage was done during last Saturday's Child and Family Services pow wow (cob kitchen shingles, shed door and shed contents, bake oven shingles ripped off) . This has been a common problem during the last 20 years of that yearly event, because many of the kids get bored and take off for the playground and there is no supervision by the organizers.

In some other years, a rec staff person was assigned to the playground during the pow wow, not to spoil the kids' fun but to keep them from doing damage. Would that be possible again next year? No response.

Oct.7, 2022, email from parks supervisor Jonathan Larkin

Thank you for the email. In regards to the Cob serving counter I have submitted a work order to Tech Services for the following:

Repair Cob serving counter cupboards

Remove graffiti

Upgrade padlock

Upgrade Hinges

Oct.17, 2022, from Jutta

this morning I went by the cob kitchen. The cupboards have not yet been repaired. On Oct.12 the storage shed roof got reshingled -- great -- but your staff found they didn't have the right heavy-duty hinges for the cupboards, so they left at 1 pm -- must have had other work to do elsewhere. But they have not been back.

We need to use those cupboards for storage as of tomorrow. If your crew are too busy with many other tasks citywide, please let me know -- I can put out a request on Erella's listserv for a community volunteer carpenter and some fundraising for heavy-duty hinges.

Oct.17, 2022,from parks supervisor

Today, I will follow up with Tech Services to find out when the cupboard hinges can be replaced.

Oct.19. 2022, to recreation staff

I just left you a voicemail -- tech services has done a nice job repairing the broken hinges at the cob kitchen but now we need to put locks on right away -- A297 -- otherwise it will be easy to break the doors again.

Oct.19, 2022, to parks supervisor

I was just at the park and the new A297 padlocks are on except of one at the end. That one was put on by the carpenters yesterday and we don't have a key for it.

But the problem is still not solved. The outside fixtures are cheap and twisted and so the doors don't latch tight at all. There's almost an inch gap on both doors even when locked -- it would be so easy to pry them open. That would be a shame -- we still couldn't safely store the oven program stuff in there, and the counter is such a nice solidly built thing (by other city carpenters), it really shouldn't be spoiled by that weak part. I think there has to be another strip(s) of wood added too.

I know this is tech services, not maintenance. But would it be possible for someone to come and have a look and then make the closures as solid as the rest of the counter? Or if nobody has time, should I take another photo?

Oct.23, 2022, from park friend Erin George to 311, city concillor, listserv

My family was enjoying this beautiful day at Dufferin Grove park and sadly (actually, infuriatingly) came across this fresh graffiti on the cob house at about 3 pm - it was so fresh the paint was still wet and the fumes were still lingering in the air. I find it incredible that someone would do this in the first place, but also do it when so many people are around. Sigh.

Oct.24, 2022, from 311

Thank you for contacting 311 Toronto.

311 has recently launched its online portal and 311 Mobile App, giving access to over 400 Service Requests and its online knowledge base.

Effective immediately, 311 will no longer create Service Requests received via the 311 Toronto email channel. We ask that you please refer to the 311 Toronto at Your Service City of Toronto online portal, where you have access to create over 400 service requests.

Service Requests may also be created using our 311 Mobile App, available for download using the following link. Alternatively, you can reach our contact centre 24/7 and speak with a representative to complete your request by dialing 3-1-1 (within city limits) or (416) 392-2489 (outside city limits).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions or concerns.


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