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Garden Co-op page

Garden co-ordinator: Skylar Hill-Jackson

To contact Skylar:

The two-year temporary garden was set up by the city's technical services staff at the end of March 2021. The existing northwest gardens are mostly fenced off during the city's two-year rink reconstruction project. The new raised planters are just south of the field house.

new community garden circle

transplanted rose bush: leaves!

nettles, tulips, daffodils

Garden Co-op Facebook page (run by Rebecca Catching)


Garden diary

April 30, 2021

From Skylar: Harvesting the stinging nettles and making soup was a new delicious experience. I froze a lot of nettle soup. Please consider harvesting more stinging nettles to take home at this Sunday garden session. Bring scissors, rubber gloves and a plastic bag, and wear appropriate clothing and footwear as the nettles are growing higher by the day!

Upcoming projects: 1. re-plant iris plants (dug up and saved from the front park gardens)
2. plant large (saved) rose bush
3. dig up last rose bush
4. finish rose garden bed / plant flower seeds
5. enlarge circle garden beds
6. lay wood chip paths in circle garden
7. water all the gardens
8. finish Dan's Tables gardens

April 25, 2021

Ileana harvesting nettles

Dufferin Grove Park (DGP) Garden Volunteer Co-op will be harvesting stinging nettles on Sunday, April 25. Stinging nettles can be made into soup or used in a stir fry, or dried for tea. Bring rubber gloves and a regular size shopping bag to put the harvested nettles in. To avoid touching the nettles please wear long sleeves, pants, rain boots.

Gardening session projects for Sunday, April 25 / 2-4pm: 1. stapling up jute trellises at Dan's Tables 2. brick edging of Field House gardens 3. finishing garden beds around Dan's Tables area. 4. replanting day lilies 5. build second bean teepee 6. seed spring flowers

Joel digging up bush
April 17, 2021

From Peter: I went back to the temporary gardens on Friday and checked the rose bushes we did together. At first they looked static and unchanged. Damn they are dead I thought ...but no, in the newer lighter coloured branches there are little shoots. I was relieved.

April 11, 2001

transplanting the forsythia

From Peter: transplanted Forsythia from front of rink house to close to cob kitchen and wood oven with volunteers Pavlov, Sam and son Michal.

April 8, 2021

From Skylar: Joel watered plants and seeds rain in forecast for ages...people are pooping behind the compost bins...plant nettles there? or fill with wood and stuff to block off? Need to find someone with a vehicle to pick up 100-year-old bricks (200) to do center garden...

April 5, 2021

From Peter, cost of materials to rebuild planters:

1.12 /1 x 6 cedar 8 foot lengths half price: $99.60
2. 4/ Strapping Supports 1. 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 8 feet long: $20.00\\ 3. 48 sq feet /styrofoam $15.98
4. 1 / part of a roll landscape cloth $10.00
5. 1 / part of a roll Hardware cloth $20.00
6. 200 / 2/12 inch deck screws $18.49 7. staples $8.99

Danís Table Sign paint $15.00\\ Subtotal 208.06\\ HST 27.04
Total 235.10

April 3, 2021

From Skylar:The construction fencing is not up yet. So we have been rescuing good soil for future garden and pot use, digging up remaining bulbs (tulips and day lilies).


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