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May 14, 2006

Andrea Nann Dreamwalker Dance Company

in association with

Volcano, Pedlar Press, Harbourfront Centre


The Whole Shebang

May 18-20, 2006 7:30pm

Premiere Dance Theatre
Harbourfront, Toronto
Tickets on sale now
call 416-973-4000
--special rates for students/seniors/cada members/groups


Sarah Chase
Kathleen Edwards
Andy Maize
(Skydiggers) Josh Finlayson
Suzie Ungerleider
(Oh Susanna)
Andrew Cash (May 18 and 19)
Peter Elkas (May 20)
Stan Dragland
Souvankham Thammavongsa
Michael Ondaatje
(May 18)
Linda Spalding (May 19) Michael Winter (May 20)
Danielle Denichaud Robert Glumbek
Andrea Nann

Intimate and Compelling

Songwriter's Circle Writer's Circle

Dance works include the world premiere of A Certain Braided History, a
duet conceived and directed by internationally renowned dance and
storytelling artist Sarah Chase, developed, choreographed and performed
by Sarah and Andrea Nann and accompanied live by guitarist Peter Elkas,
and Reveries, a work created in 2001 by Andrea Nann in collaboration
with Gordon Downie and Gerald Michaud, featuring performances by Andy
Maize, Robert Glumbek and Danielle Denichaud, co-directed by Ross Manson.
The dances feature designs by Aisling Sampson, Heather MacCrimmon and Cheryl Lalonde.

Film screening of Peep Show by Corpus,
producer Kate Kung, director Robert Deleskie, performed and
choreographed by Sylvie Bouchard and David Danzon.

The show is sponsored by NOW Magazine, Ritchies Auctioneers and MapleMusic and will
be presented as part of Asian Heritage Month.

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