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posted November 11, 2006

Foodshare Garden Vandalism

Thanksgiving weekend this year saw FoodShare staff and volunteers start the proposed youth garden, at the southwest corner of Dufferin Grove Park. FoodShare has moved just up the street, into the former Brockton High School as of this week. They are collaborating with Parks, Forestry and Recreation, with the assisstance of the community, to put a teaching garden into the park. Foodshare leaders will help local youth maintain the garden and at the same time teach them how non-traditional vegetables can be grown.

Since then, work has been stopped on the garden, until the spring when a community meeting can be held, in response to neighbours opposed to the project.

To follow the email thread, please refer to the FoodShare Youth Teaching Garden link on the Problems and Follow Up Department of this website.

Over the last three weeks, the garden has been repeatedly vandalised. As of today, Saturday, November 11th, 2006, the outline of the garden (the only thing that was laid down) has been completely overturned. In certain sections, parts of the garden are missing. In others, straw and cardboard and compost are mixed up all together. It also appears that someone has raked the ground under the garden so that no grass will be able to grow there.

This destruction in the park has been reported to the Police. We ask that anyone seeing the vandals to call On-Site Park Staff Emergency number at 416-896-8942 or the Police. If you have any information you can send us an email at, leave a message at the rink house at 416 392-0913, or call the Non-Emergency Police Phone number at 416-808-2222.

Below are pictures from before and after the vandalism.

FoodShare Garden after Thanksgiving weekend, mid october

South end of Garden over turned Nov 1st

West end of garden overturned Nov 9th

North section of garden overturned and ground raked Nov 11th

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